Pamela Faye


It slips up on us slowly, first emerging as dwindling daylight and stretching shadows. Gradually it turns to fog, cloudy skies, skeletal trees and in some places frost on the windscreen. In the north of the continent it comes as something of a respite from the humidity and heat. Winter occupies an awkward presence in the Australian imagination. How do we reconcile our experience of this season against the iconic image of bright light and heat?

Denise Ferris

Ellis Hutch

Svetlana Bailey

April Ward

Ana Paula Estrada

Carol Ridgway

Jade Cantwell

Jane Finlay

Fiona Wolf

Katrin Koenning


Svetlana Bailey graduated from the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales with honours in 2010, and has exhibited her work nationally. She was recently awarded an Australia Council Grant for New Work. To see more of her work visit

Jade Cantwell studied film production and photography at the University of Technology in Sydney. As part of this she lived in Mexico for a year spending time watching experimental films and reading magic realism stories. These were pivotal in the development of Jade’s understanding of visual communication and symbolism and nurtured her love for the absurd and surreal in everyday life. Visit her website at

Ana Paula Estrada studied Visual Arts in the University of Morelos in Mexico. She has worked for a variety of companies in different areas ranging from graphic design, interior design and photography. She relocated to Brisbane in 2010 and from that point on she began developing her personal photography , comprising documentary portraiture where the environment plays an essential roll.

Pamela Faye is an anthropologist, historian and non-professional photographer. She is interested in camera cultures and how they shape our social relationships and memories. She has recently made a return to medium format film and is working on a project documenting relational space.

Denise Ferris lives on the Monaro, the high country of New South Wales, and has lectured at the School of Art ANU since 1987. Generated by intimate experience her practice also examines broader social politics. Ferris’ photographs are in Australian public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the National Library of Australia, the Australian War Memorial and Canberra Museum and Gallery as well as international collections including the District SixMuseum, Cape Town and Nara City, Japan.

Jane Finlay is a Perth based contemporary artist currently undertaking post graduate studies in photomedia at Edith Cowan University. Since completing her BFA (Hons) at Curtin University (1997) Finlay has participated in collaborations, international residencies, exchange projects and has exhibited work in galleries and public spaces in Australia, Asia and Canada.

Ellis Hutch is and Australian artist, writer and performer who creates ephemeral, time-based video and installation works. Hutch’s work is informed by her fascination with how people construct the places they inhabit and thier social relationships. In 2000, she completed her Masters at the ANU School of Art and is now a PhD Candidate in Photography and Media Arts. Visit her blog at

Katrin Koenning studied photography at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Katrin has exhibited widely and has won a number of awards for her work. Visit her website at

Carol Ridgeway is a photographer based in Melbourne. She graduated from Photography Studies College, majoring in fine art photography and is currently working as a commercial photographer. She is a member of the MAP Group (Many Australian Photographers), which produces publications on local towns along with exhibitions. A lot of her fine art work reflects Carol’s love of the land and its fragility.To see more of her work please visit

April Ward is a freelance fine art, editorial and portrait photographer who resides in Perth, WA . She was recently short listed in the Olive Cotton award and has won numerous international and national commendations.

Fiona Wolf is a freelance photographer, exhibiting artist and tutor at the Australian Centre for Photography. In 2010 Fiona was the winner of the Head On Portrait Prize, followed by Semi finalist and Finalist in 2011 and 2012, and most recently MomentoPro’s Photobook of the Year. To see more of her work visit