Daily Motion is a documentary works scrutinizing the enchanting quiet of everyday life. Fractions of time are recorded in black and white to emphasize alluring simplicity in diurnal happenings, easily overlooked in today’s roaring world.


Shauna Greyerbiehl grew up west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In her formative years she lived with three siblings and eight other children who were cared for by her parents under the Children’s Aid Society. She has always been sensitive to her social surroundings, which over years has evolved into a fascination with the complexities of relationships and human expression. Visually she finds elation in simplicity around her. She admires the mechanics of a camera, the effortless power it has to translate time through imagery left naked to interpretation.

Shauna’s work has been exhibited in Australia. She lives and works in Sydney. To view more of Shauna’s images, visit