All you knit is love is the name of the yarn shop I frequented in Barcelona whilst on an Australia Council residency in Spain earlier last year. This is an apt name for the body of work I produced in the same location as it reflects some new and significant trajectories within my practice that was affected by the experience of relocating our young family and myself for 3 months to a foreign place.

In previous work I have investigated place, multiple histories and ecological issues associated with it. These inquiries continued in Spain, however, as a tourist, parent and artist I began to also examine and weave in the experience of place with a more personal and maternal lens. Some domestic crafts have surfaced in my practice as a result. I became an obsessive knitter whilst there. I have also begun stitching on imagery.


Siri Hayes has exhibited widely since the early 2000s. Significant group shows include Stormy weather: contemporary Australian landscape photography at the National Gallery of Victoria, Contemporary Australian Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery, International Festival of Photography, Lodz Art Center, Poland and Tickle attack – Backlight Trienniale – Exhibition Centre Tri, Finland. Recent solo exhibitions include All you knit is love at the Centre for Contemporary Photography and Aquatic listening at GRANTPIRRIE. She has won the Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture, received an Australia Council Barcelona residency grant amongst others. She has work in many public collections such as the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Bank, and Australian Parliament House. In 2011 she spoke at the Festival of Ideas at Melbourne University on the panel discussing Contemporary Visions and Critiques of the landscape.

To see more of Siri’s work please visit her website.